What is ‘HuntingThirty’

HuntingThirty is AN ETHOS, a way of thinking, a way of living. It represents the understanding that striving for (and surpassing) goals you may not have thought possible - physical and psychological - provides massive life benefits and even a kind of enlightenment. 

Though the ‘HuntingThirty’ handle was initially inspired by the distance, I DO NOT currently have a goal set to run 10k in 30 minutes. Such a goal for someone of my age, with family, work, other time pressures and a diet restricted by colitis, seems close to impossible. And yet, as I have found, once you hit one goal, the next becomes more realistic.  Could  it  be  a  target  way  in  the  future?  Will  my  journey  even  take  me  that  way  or  in a  totally  different  direction?  It  matters  not.  The  importance  lies  in  fuelling  your  passion  and  allowing  it  to  add  value  to  your  life.  Relish self-discovery, travel, learning and running with friends, whilst experiencing a wide array of events across the globe, hitting goals along the way. 

Our limits limit us, until we break them.

For it is the destination which creates the journey, and the journey is what matters the most.

Join the HuntingThirty ethos.